Rejuvenate Floor Restorer

£16.99 (as of 22nd January 2019, 00:10)

Polish, Renew, Clean, Shine and Rejuvenate Laminate Floor, Hardwood Floor, Ceramic Tile Floor, Marble Floor, Fiberglass Floor, Vinyl/Linoleum, Terrazzo Floor, Pine Floor, Slate Floor, Cement Floor, Pine Floor, Cork Floor
Fills in small scratches
One bottle covers 325 sq ft. 16 fl oz – 450 ml


Rejuventate Floor Restorer is a new revolutionary polymer-based floor finish that will instantly bring back life to almost any floor to make it look like new! Rejuvenate fills scratches, brings back shine and protects against stains with one easy application that lasts for three months. Perfect for wood laminates, hardwood, vinyl, lino, ceramic tiles, marble, slate, concrete, parquet flooring. Sold by UK based company.
Polish, renew, clean, shine and rejuvenate laminate floor, hardwood floor, ceramic tile floor, marble floor, fiberglass floor, vinyl/linoleum, terrazzo floor, pine floor, slate floor, cement floor, pine floor, cork floor
Fills in small scratches
One bottle covers 30m2 – 450 ml
Brings your floor back to life

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