OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Squeegee

£10.00 (as of 21st January 2019, 22:35)

Durable, flexible Squeegee blade
Soft, comfortable handle
Slim profile and light weight



Useful all around the home, a good squeegee can make cleaning windows, mirrors and tiles so much easier, and this smart stainless steel version from Good Grips is more than up to the job. Thanks to its flexible blade, it can even be used on curved surfaces. With its slim profile and suction hook, it’s easy to store wherever it’s needed most and, as you’d expect from Good Grips, they’ve thought carefully about the handle, making it comfy and non-slip so wet hands won’t lose grip.

25cm (10″) Wide.

Durable, flexible squeegee blade
Soft, comfortable handle; 9.8 inch blade
Slim profile and light weight
Suction cup hanger provides easy, convenient storage
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