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Nano Tech
Alkaline Based

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Have you got a whole lot of bikes to clean – then why not save a few pounds and buy bulk!   The Bike Cleaner is a highly effective bike cleaner that isn’t harsh on the environment while still making your bike sparkling clean and offers an after wash protection that helps prevent dirt adhesion to make your bike stay cleaner for longer.   All over Bike Cleaner, which cuts through grime while protecting your bike’s finish.  Will not harm seals or disc brake pads.  Spray on, wash off, no sweat.  Fully biodegradable, alkaline based.  Contains no harmful acids, CFC’s or solvents. Safe on carbon fibre, paintwork, anodising, aluminium, titanium, rubber, plastic, leather, seals and disc brake pads.  California Air Regulatory Board Compliant. Won’t harm you or the environment. Muc-Off have now added Nano technology to their award winning cleaning formula. Nano sized particles will remove dirt and grime from even the tightest surfaces with even less effort! Nano Muc-Off will also leave an invisible protective ‘Nano Layer’ which contains anti-corrosion additives to guard against surface corrosion, both during and after cleaning. Make life easytry Muc- Off after your next dirty ride!   Unfortunately due to the nature of this product we can not ship outside the UK.
Nano Tech
Alkaline Based
Carbon Fibre Safe
Water Soluble
No harmful acids, CFC’s or solvents
Muc-Off Bike Cleaner cuts through grime while protecting your bike’s finish!
It’s the only Bike Cleaner with Nano Technology that penetrates deep into dirt, oil & grime and gently breaks it down on a molecular level for the best clean!
Our unique formula contains Anti-Corrosion inhibitors that leaves a Nano layer for extra protection!
Safe on all components and finishes, Carbon, Aluminum and will not harm seals or disc brake pads
Perfect for ALL types of Bikes, Road, MTB, Trail, Moto-X, Enduro, Street…No harmful acids, CFC’s or solvents and is fully biodegradable.
No need for harsh chemical foaming agents

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