Microfibre Cleaning Cloths, 10 Pack in Green, Super Soft Microfibre Dusters, Clay:Roberts Premium Fibre Cloths, Machine Washable, Antibacterial, Lint-Free, Microfiber Cloths Suitable for Homes, Kitchens, Cars, Motorbikes, Domestic, Industrial and Professional Cleaning

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10 Green High Grade Microfibre Cleaning Cloths
Ultra-Fine Microfibre Technology.
Lint Free to prevent scratches.

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Why use Clay:Roberts microfibre cloths. Traditional cleaning cloths are generally made up of a combination of cotton or nylon and have limited “real cleaning ability” without the addition of detergents such as bleach. This traditional approach to cleaning is expensive as the purchase cost of these detergents will demonstrate. In addition the use of these detergents is not ideal should they come into contact with your skin and are also harmful to our environment. So this alone is a good reason to try a Clay:Roberts microfibre cloth. However, a more compelling reason to use Clay:Roberts microfibre cloths is that the premium supersoft fibres leave your surfaces much cleaner than a traditional cleaning cloth as they work in a totally different way. A normal cleaning cloth will contain thousands of fibres that help to clean a surface using water and detergent, whereas Clay:Roberts microfibre cloths have “millions” of microscopic particles working together to create a tight cluster of fibres that will pick up even the smallest spec of dirt. You only have to handle a Clay:Roberts microfibre cloth to feel it almost attaching itself to your hand as the millions of microscopic particles group together. This tight grouping of tiny fibres in the cloth dramatically improves cleaning efficiency trapping dirt and bacteria within the cloth. The combination of 80% polyester and 20% percent polyamide in a Clay:Roberts microfibre cloth, combined with its elasticity means the collection of dirt and germs is remarkably impressive. The science behind a Clay:Roberts microfibre cloth is fact, not fiction and should change the way we look at cleaning. We recommend using Clay:Roberts microfibre cloths in a slightly damp state for cleaning or dry for general dusting. They can be cleaned in hot water and are machine washable.
10 Green High Grade Microfibre Cleaning Cloths
Ultra-Fine Microfibre Technology – Collects dust and dirt from any surface.
Lint Free – Prevents scratches when cleaning table tops, glass and delicate materials.
Chemical Free Cleaning – Performs perfectly dry or damp with just tap water.
Machine Washable – Can be washed time and time again without losing quality.

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