Heated Clothes Airer Indoor Electric Laundry Dryer Stand Rack with Cover, 900W by Maxi Dry

ALL YEAR DRYING – Come rain or shine, you can dry your clothes, quickly and easily.
LARGE CAPACITY – Can dry up to 10kg of laundry.
QUIET – Ultra-quiet motor with no messy filters.



Enjoy crease free, ‘line-dried’ clothes whatever the weather with this electric air dryer from Maxi Dry. This electric air dryer provides an energy efficient alternative to a traditional tumble dryer and avoids having laundry drying on radiators around the home creating condensation and damp. The Maxi Dry air dryer is also gentle on your clothes so there is no need to worry about shrinking your favourite items as it efficiently blows them dry.

Simply hang your clothes from hangers onto the arms at the top. Warm air will be distributed from the 900W motorised air blower at the base so you can enjoy ‘line dried’ freshness even when it’s raining. It will dry up to 10kg of laundry at a time and removes creases, so it will also save ironing time and leave garments crisp and fresh without damage or shrinkage.

It’s completely portable so can be moved from room to room as needed. Running off a standard UK power supply, it uses far less electricity than similar appliances and features both a manual and automatic timer, to dry clothes between one and three hours.

It features an ultra-quiet motor and no messy filters, making it an ideal alternative for those put off by the expense, noise and space of a traditional tumble dryer.


  • Dimensions: L63 x W63 x H145cm
  • Weight: 3kg
  • Cord length: 168cm
  • Laundry capacity: 10kg
  • 900W
    All year drying; Come rain or shine, you can dry your clothes, quickly and easily
    Large capacity; Can dry up to 10kg of laundry
    Energy efficient; 900W motor uses less energy than a tumble dryer, saving you money
    Practical; Easily packed away, portable and lightweight
    Guarantee; 12-month guarantee

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