Lithofin MN Slate Seal 1 Litre

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Ready for use
For indoor use only
Not recommended for worktops or bathrooms/wetrooms


A special product from the LITHOFIN-Range for slate, marble, natural and engineered stone (MN). This ready-to-use sealant contains high quality acrylates and organic solvents.Properties:Lithofin MN Slate-Seal forms a high gloss film on the surface, which closes the pores of the stone. This treatment prevents water and dirt from penetrating into the surface, making it easier to maintain. The permeability of the stone is greatly reduced. Product is suitable for indoor use only. The colour structure of the stone is intensified; the surface develops a “wet look”. The slip resistance can be affected depending on the type of stone and the amount of product applied.Technical Data:Density: approx. 0,90 g/cm³Appearance: liquid, colourless, clearOdour: aromaticpH-Value: n.a.Flash Point: >25°CSolubility in Water: not solubleField of Use:For glossy sealing of rough and honed natural and concrete stone surfaces. Embellishes the appearance and facilitates maintenance.Directions for Use:The surface to be treated must be completely dry and clean. Always try the product in an inconspicuous area prior to use. Evenly apply Lithofin MN Slate-Seal with a clean foam roller or brush. In the case of highly absorbent surfaces, it may be necessary to apply a second thin coat.Please Note: non-absorbent, polished or very finely honed surfaces can not be sealed. Glass, wood, varnish, plastics and other surfaces sensitive to solvents must be protected against splashes. Tools can be cleaned with Lithofin WAX OFF. Lithofin MN Slate-Seal can be removed from the surface with Lithofin WAX OFF. Please ensure that no moisture can penetrate into the sealed surface, and that moisture can not be transported through the surface from the ground. Moisture inside the stone will cause the sealant to turn whi
Ready for use
For indoor use only
Not recommended for worktops or bathrooms/wetrooms
Contains solvents
Can be applied in several coats

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