LG F1296TDA5 6 Motion Direct Drive 8kg 1200rpm Silver Freestanding Washing Machine

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6 Motions, 1 Amazing Wash Performance 8KG 6 Motion DD Washing Machine With Stylish Chrome Door – MORE MOTION, BETTER CARE. – 6Motion DD for Ultimate Fabric Care – Inverter Direct Drive with 10 Year Warranty – Peace of Mind thanks to Smart Diagnosis – Washing Capacity – 8 kg 6 Motions, 1 Amazing Wash Performance Due to its design and unique to LG, 6 Motion Direct Drive is able to perform various drum motions or a combination of different motions depending on the wash programme selected. Combined with a controlled spin speed and the ability of the drum to rotate both left and right, the wash performance of the machine is greatly improved, giving you perfect results every time. Direct Drive Motor Leading the way for a quieter, cleaner wash No belt & Pulley -Less noise -Energy Saving -Capacity -Durability By eliminating its belt and pulley, LGs Inverter Direct Drive System increases the motors efficiency – thus cutting back on energy use and makes it less susceptible to breakdowns. The simplified system helps reduce noise levels as well. The direct drive motor that runs our washing machines is reliable as well as quiet. We guarantee it wont let you down. In fact, we trust it so much that all machines come with a 10 year warranty on the motor and all its parts as standard even though theres nothing standard about it. Smart Diagnosis At some point in your washer’s life it will need some TLC. However reliable your machine it can’t yet split your lost socks out of the filter drawer! We just made service so much easier. Now there is no need to wait for an engineer to detect a problem you could have solved yourself. Just dial Smart Diagnosis and wait for the telephone to tell you what to do. Now that really is smart! Too quiet for words The Direct Drive motor in our washing machines is now so qu

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