Homescapes Quilted Mattress or Pillow (Cotton)

£16.87 (as of 21st January 2019, 23:05) £11.99

Newly improved high quality protector with a 100% cotton fabric casing. Homescapes branded quilted mattress protector, Double Size : 137 x 190cm (54 x 75 Inches)
25cm or 10 Inch deep skirt designed to fit majority of mattresses in the UK. The skirt is fully elasticised along with edges. This is much superior to most which elastic just in the corners.
100% cotton fabric used on sleeping surface unlike most similar protectors which use cheaper polyester cotton (poly cot). This ensures higher comfort and longer life of your mattress and protector.


Newly improved Homescapes branded high quality quilted protector with 100% cotton casing. King Size: 152 x 200 cm (60 x 78 Inches)
25cm (10 Inch) deep fully elastic skirt (fits majority of UK standard mattresses). Superior to other protectors with elastic edges only
Sleeping surface made of 100% cotton unlike most similar protectors made of cheap polyester cotton
4 Inch diamond quilting ensuring an even distribution of the hypoallergenic 100% polyester filling
Homescapes has consciously changed the fabric to 100% cotton and upgraded the specification of this mattress protector significantly

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