HG Window Cleaner 500ml (Pack of 3)- 297050106 x 3

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Brand: HG
Product Code: 297050106 x 3
Size: 500ml



HG Window Cleaner 500ml (Pack of 3)- 297050106 x 3

-HG window cleaner is a super concentrated product which cleans and degreases absolutely
streakless but which does not contain ammonia or methylated spirits.

-No wonder this product is used by professional window cleaners.

-HG window cleaner exceeds all professional requirements, because the product is pH neutral,
so that it will not harm paint, varnish or plastics and is also very gentle for your skin.

-HG window cleaner is very economical to use, because one 500 ml bottle is sufficient
for at least 35 window washes.

-Add 15 ml (2 to 3 teaspoons) of HG window cleaner to half a bucket of lukewarm water.

-For the best results, wash the window in a circular movement.

-When drying the window, use a squeegee in overlapping strips and always dry the squeegee
with a cloth before applying it to the window for the next stroke.

-Never wash the windows in direct sunlight.

-For very dirty spots, HG window cleaner can be used in undiluted form.

-Apply a small amount of the product to a sponge and dab onto the dirty spot.

-Leave to soak and then wash off with water.


-On all types of glass.


-Dose 15 mls (approx. 2 a 3 teaspoons) HG “window cleaner” in a bucket with
approx.5 litre lukewarm water.

-Refresh cleaning solution on a regular basis.

-For stubborn stains use HG “window cleaner” undiluted; apply some onto a cloth
or apply direct onto the stains.

-Leave for a few moments clean with a sponge Or cloth.

-Wash windows using a circular motion.
Brand: HG
Product Code: 297050106 x 3
Size: 500ml

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