HG oven, grill & barbecue cleaner 500 ML – A quick and easy to use heavy duty oven cleaner, also suitable for grill and barbecue.

£6.72 (as of 21st January 2019, 22:20)

HG specializes in high quality cleaning, protection and beautification products for in and around the home
The HG range offers a solution for every cleaning problem around the home.
Removes dried and even baked on grease from ovens, grills and barbecues cleanly and effectively.


Hg barbecue, grill and oven cleaner removes quickly and effectively dried and even baked on grease from ovens, grills and barbecues. For best results with hg barbecue, grill & oven cleaner, first warm the surfaces to be cleaned. Spray the surface and allow 3 to 5 minutes for the product to work. Now wipe over the surface with a damp sponge. After the grease has been removed, rinse the oven or grill again with hot water..
Best oven cleaner for grills, ovens, barbecues and baking trays
Removes caked-on and burnt-in grease
An easy-to-clean oven cleaner
Quick and effective results
Also ideal for stainless-steel hobs

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