HG 5L Protective Coating Satin Gloss Finish

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HG specializes in high quality cleaning, protection and beautification products for in and around the home
The HG range offers a solution for every cleaning problem around the home.
Easily applied liquid polymer emulsion for all types of floor tiles, flagstones and slate.


Directions for use: Prior to applying HG Golvpolish the floor should be thoroughly cleaned preferably with HG Cement Grout Film Remover (HG Extra) to clean off cement film and lime or HG Polish, Wax and Dirt Remover (HG Remover) to clean off grease, old layers of wax and dirt. After wet cleaning, the floor should be left to dry thoroughly for 3 days. With floor heating 24 hours. Turn off your floor heating 12 hours before treatment. On porous surfaces such as slate, brick or flagstones first use HG Impregnating Sealer (HG Impregnator) .

To avoid foam, do not stir or shake the bottle before use. HG Golvpolish should be applied with a Non-Fluffy Cloth wrapped around a Floor Wiper or, on rough surfaces, use a Mohair Paint Roller.

Pour some Golvpolish onto the cloth and always spread the polish in one direction. Do not rub or buff. Once the Golvpolish has dried after approx. 40 minutes a second coat should be applied at right angles. Dries after 3 hours, but allow three days for the Golvpolish to become fully water resistant.

Maintenance: With HG Superfloor Shine Cleaner. To strip off old coats of HG Golvpolish annually use HG Polish, Wax and Dirt Remover (HG Remover) .

For extra maintenance and shine (for example in high traffic areas/walkways) mop once a month with a dilution of 50ml (half a cup) of Golvpolish in 5 litres of water.
A tile polish with a delicately thin yet extremely protective coating
Easy to use and suitable for all types of floor tiles, slate and flagstones
A satin polish with a very thin and extremely protective coating
Has a non-slip effect; adds a satin finish whilst deepening the colour and structure of the tile
5 L of this floor tiles coating is sufficient for approximately 40 m2 per layer

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