Glade Wax Melts Refill Clean Linen

£12.99 (as of 26th March 2019, 02:45)

6 cubes of Glade Wax Melts refills
Fills even the largest rooms with your favorite Glade fragrance
96 hours of Glade fragrance


Glade Wax Melts fragrances are blended with high quality essential oils and are available in a wide variety of fragrances
Each individual wax melt provides high quality fragrance, with new limited edition fragrances available each season
Fragrance of each melt lingers after the wax warmer has been turned off
Each melt is individually packaged which makes it easier and less messy to start your fragrance experience
Made from pressed (not poured) wax, which is dry to the touch and prevents greasy or oily hands

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