Dirtbusters Oven Cleaning Kit 2, used by professional oven cleaners, non caustic, safe, no fumes, no odours, bio degradable, eco friendly, environmentally safe, fresh citrus fragrance, bio oven cleaner , scraper, stainless scourer,oven cleaning paste

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Professional oven cleaning kit 2
Bio degradable non caustic solution
Safe oven cleaning paste

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THIS ITEM IS 1 X BIO OVEN CLEANING KIT 2, 750ML TRIGGER SPRAY OF BIO OVEN CLEANER, 500ml oven cleaning paste,SCRAPER, 5 SPARE BLADES, STAINLESS STEEL SCOURER ( most other oven cleaners come in 500 ml sprays so 50% extra) BIO OVEN CLEANING KIT 2The professional way to clean ovens. Scraper and blades to remove layers of carbon, bio oven cleaner to soften carbon and grease, oven cleaning paste and stainless steel scourer to remove remaining deposits of carbon.CONTAINS A UNIQUE MICROBIAL TREATMENT WHICH DIGESTS CARBON, GREASE & FATSUsed by over 1000 oven cleaning companies in the UK & IrelandMade by Dirtbusters the supplier of professional non caustic oven cleaning chemicals to the industry. Safe to use, no fumes or odours, will not damage enamel or heating elements, cleans with a unique microbial formula, softens the carbon for easier removal. Leaves a pleasant citrus fragrance. THE SAFE AND ENVIRONMENTALY FRIENDLY WAY TO CLEAN OVENS. Bio oven cleaner is the safe and effective way to clean domestic ovens. It works by using a carbon and grease digesting microbial treatment to break down deposits instead of harmful caustic chemicals and allows for the quick and safe cleaning of domestic ovens. Bio oven cleaner can be used on racks, grill pans, back plates, fans, glass, self cleaning panels, pan supports, and electric hobs and is safe to use on aluminium gas hob rings.
Professional oven cleaning kit 2
Bio degradable non caustic solution
Safe oven cleaning paste

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