Dirt Devil Lightweight Bagged Cylinder Vaccuum, 1400 W

£32.99 (as of 21st July 2017, 09:00)

Power through fine dust and debris across carpets and hard floors, including stone, laminate, wood and tiles.
Means it easy stores away in the smallest of spaces
the Quick Power really can be out of sight and out of mind

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The Quick Power bagged cylinder vacuum cleaner speeds up cleaning, with cyclonic technology cutting through dirt in no time.

Its compact design means it stores away in the smallest of spaces.

It has a Capacity of 2 Litres with a cord length of 5 metres featuring Auto Cord Rewind.

It weighs at only 4 kg making it ideal as a lightweight easy to use cylinder cleaner.

Additional Tools include Crevice Tool and Combination Floor head.
Auto cord rewind
Crevice tool provided
2 litre dust capacity
5 metre cord length
1.5 metre hose
Best Designs in Vacuum Cleaners
Easy to use
Easy to Carry and Store

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