Die Schuhanzieher Feather Duster 13,8″ / 35cm with real Ostrich Feathers – Handmade z2375

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Dust cleaning with a natural product ✓
Handmade ✓

Available in 4 options:

Black and Grey – soft feathers
Silverfloss and Silverfloss dyed white – extra soft feathers – To dust even small objects effortlessly without bumping them while cleaning.

Length of the feathers: approx. 20cm / 7,8″
Length of handle: approx. 15cm / 5,9″
Total length: approx. 35cm / 13,8″

guarantees no live plucking ✓

– high quality feathers from the South African breed bouquet
– handle made of wood with leather loop

Ostrich feathers have a high electrostatic attraction. They attract dust and bind
It to the feathers. Therefore ostrich dusters are favored by persons suffering allergies.

Take handle between your palms. Roll the handle up and down, as if you were to warm your hands. The dust simply falls off the feathers.

Use warm water, if necessary, add detergents or wool detergents.
Carefully rinse out the feathers, squeeze them out and use a hair dryer on the lowest heat level to dry.

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