Chlorine Sanitising Tablets

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Chlorine Sanitising Tablets are effervescent chlorine tablets that provide a safer alternative to liquid bleach. The chlorine tablets produce a powerful sterilising solution suitabe for use on washable hard surfaces, drains, sinks, toilets and for a general disinfectant. Can also be used as a vegetable and salad wash.
Very effective against all types of bacteria, mould and fungus. Easily solubilised and economical in use.
Chlorine Sanitising Tablets are a chlorinated effervescent tablet for: -Sanitising pre-cleaned crockery -hard surfaces -Chopping blocks -Walls -Floors -Food preparation equipment
Chlorine Sanitising Tablets are an accurate and convenient means of making up solutions of known available chlorine strengths for a variety of sanitising tasks. 1 tablet in 5lt of water gives 100ppm available chlorine. The tablets kills germs including salmonella, E.Coli and MRSA.