Bona Wood Floor Polish Gloss- 1Lit – WP511013011

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Trusted by discerning professionals since 1919 and giving beautiful results every time, Bona’s dedicated polish is specially formulated to safely bring out the best in floors. Non-streaking and pH-neutral, it restores the gloss look on your floor by removing dullness, filling in micro-scratches and giving the surface new life. Essential for maintaining the appearance and prolonging the life of your floors, apply every 1-2 months with the Applicator Pad to keep your floors fresh, protected and looking their best. For use with the Bona Spray Mop Kit. Safe for use on sealed and unsealed hardwood, veneer, laminate and French-polished wood..Not suitable for waxed or oiled floors. This listing is for; 1 Litre. Remove loose dirt and grit from your floor. Clean floor thoroughly with Bona Wood Floor Cleaner and let dry. Do not use over any floor that has been waxed or oiled. Wax and oil residues will prevent proper adhesion of Bona Wood Floor Polish to floor. If uncertain, perform a small test before use. Shake bottle thoroughly before use and apply at normal room temperature, 18-25C. 1. Pour a wide, wavy line of Wood Floor Polish on a small section of the floor. 2. Spread the product over the section using a Bona Applicator Pad. 3. Complete section by smoothing with the applicator pad in the direction of the wood. 4. Continue section by section until the whole floor has been treated. The floor can be walked on already after 2 hours but avoid heavy traffic and replacement of furniture and rugs the first 12 hours. For information on maintenance and maintenance products see Important! Always test floors for adhesion and desired results prior to use. Do not use on waxed or oiled floors. Ensure normal room climate 18-25°C. For removal of polish build up use Bona Polish Remover.
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