Air Wick Air Freshener, Life Scents Wax Melt, Summer Delights, Gadget and 2 Refill

£10.99 (as of 26th March 2019, 02:45)

Enhanced fragrance without a flame
White flowers melon vanilla
Life scents multi-layered fragrance


Electric Wax Melter Summer Delights

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Try all of our unique true-to-life fragrances (Summer Delights, Turquoise Oasis, Vanilla Dreams, Mum’s Baking, Mulled Wine By The Fire)

Pack Size:33g

  • Life scents multi-layered fragrance
  • White flowers melon vanilla
  • Great fragrance without a flame
  • Includes 3 wax melts

Includes premium black ceramic warmer and three wax bar refills
1.6 m cord and up plug, plus an on or off switch for enhanced control and convenience
An ideal way of creating fragrance without a flame
No flame, just fragrance
Create a warm and cosy ambiance for your home with Air Wick wax melts

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