Air Wick Air Freshener, Life Scents Wax Melt, Mulled Wine, Gadget and 3 Refill

£10.99 (as of 26th March 2019, 02:45) £7.99

Enhanced fragrance without a flame
Firewood clementine’s mulled wine
Life scents multi-layered fragrance


Wax Melts by Air Wick are a unique solution to enhance your home by creating a warm and cozy atmosphere in any living space. Experience the subtle fragrances exuded by melted wax without a flame and enjoy the welcome warmth of a place that truly feels like home. To enhance your experience further, explore the full range of refills and pick among the various scents featured.The starter kit includes the premium black ceramic warmer, with its classic styling (which has a 1.6m cord and plugs in to any standard outlet) and has an on/off switch for ultimate control and convenience. The kit also includes three bars of wax melts giving up to 60 hours of fragrance.
Includes premium black ceramic warmer and three wax bar refills
1.6 m cord and up plug, plus an on/off switch for enhanced control and convenience
An ideal way of creating fragrance without a flame
No flame, just fragrance
Create a warm and cosy ambiance for your home with Air Wick wax melts

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